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Fluance - About the Band

Fluance Rock Band - Who are we?

Where did Fluance burst out of? Proggy tracks bristling with the here and now. Fluance skims the atmosphere from 70s and 80s progressive rock to create a quirky modernistic genre all of its own. Here's some general stuff about this unexpectable band and, the who, where and what....

Writer members of Fluance are all keyboards based and include singer, Philip Lane and Jane Lane (Songs and Keys) and Duncan Mackay - known for his prog. pedigree and involvement with The Alan Parsons Project and such artists as Kate Bush, Cockney Rebel, 10CC (Composition and Keys).

They play alongside Marty Prior (Bass) having also played with later generations of Cockney Rebel, Jonny Welburn (Drums) and Mauritz Lotz (Guitar). You can see the full band line-up on the members page and a page is dedicated to each band member. The genre is a mix of non-standard and progressive ideas with pop intelligence. Lyrics are around current themes.

Where are we?

Duncan is based in Cape Town, South Africa, with the band's virtuoso guitarist Mauritz Lotz being located in Johannesburg.

Jane and Phil have been variously in the UK, Spain and Abu Dhabi for the life of the band, currently settled in the UK, conveniently near to Jonny Welburn the band's drummer.

Marty Prior is based in Spain.

Main recordings

The music page has an overview.

The debut album, Lunacy, was written in the UK and Spain, largely before the band was formed, with some reference to prog. origins and experimental soundscapes,built into a melodic framework. This gained some acclaim across Europe, from listeners in a wide variety of countries. Lunacy also had a special release in Japan on the Marquee Label.

Despite a number of personal setbacks, the band are now forging ahead with the next two albums, Narratives and Shortcuts.


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Lock into the sounds of Fluance, the best of British psychedelia and prog with a challenging current, rebellious outlook in its music and lyrics.